My Introduction to Erykah Badu


black-history_feb-4-_copyright-shila-iris-2017I was twelve years old when I first saw Erykah Badu’s face. This beautiful, soft-eyed queen mesmerized me. I stared into the televison screen unable to look away. I was in love. She sang soulfully, unlike anything I’d ever heard. The bass line in her first single, “On and On” penetrated my heart muscle, seeped its way down my spine, and made my shoulders and hips move- I was possessed by an ancestral spirit! She was dope then, and she is super dope now. Her music is highly intellectual, an art form in which I appreciate- you can’t fake this vibe. To write these lyrics, to sing these songs, you have to be levitating on a high frequency. Her music is like poetry. After hearing her that first time, to my surprise, my mother came home with Baduizm on tape and then the Live Record! I loved every song and every lyric. This is the artist that I connect with more than any other. Her third album, Mama’s Gun is my favorite of all time. The music is timeless. Right now, I am enjoying her projects with Robert Glasper and other groovy artists. To top it all off, Erykah’s style is amazing. Her attire excites me. I adore her independence as an artist. I use her words to heal and to grow. She has gotten me through heartbreaks and heartaches, and she is helping me rise into greatness, even now. The music inspires me. “Don’t feed me your’s, cause your food does not endure.”

Thank you for reading,

Shila Iris


3 thoughts on “My Introduction to Erykah Badu

  1. I am listening to it now. I change my mind, I actually like it! Once I get past some things, it’s really nice. Thank you for bringing this up. I’ll listen to it for the rest of the week and really feel it out.


    • Hi K.E. Garland! Yes, I have heard it. 🙂 It’s the only album that I did not buy. I like the beats, but the choice of guests artists don’t appeal to me. So, when I hear it, I can appreciate it, but I haven’t been moved to add it to my collection. I like that she used her old songs. I hear her, and I hear them too. I guess, I’d rather just hear her voice! It’s fun at the least, though. Maybe, I’ll be moved to buy it at some point. I’ll give it another spin.

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