Motivation for the Journey

I do not have children of my own, but when the time comes, maybe I’ll have a tribe. For now, these beautiful faces motivate me. Peace and Love, unconditional.


The innocence of a child is refreshing
When given nature, they run, and play
When given cold weather, they find a way to explore
They follow insects into cracks, and chase birds
skip over leaves, and dive into puddles

When given pain, they bounce back, forgive, accept,
extending a warm hug, a smile, a chance to love again
I used to be so sad at times, and they’d say, “it’s ok Auntie Shila,”
and they’d give me rocks, and flowers, and magic twigs,
and things they acquired in the park to cheer me up.
Hmmmmm……… What is it like to have a child?

By the end of the day, I am happy, rejuvenated, and encouraged by these smiles.
Empowered by these smiles. Sustained by these memories. I can feel the old souls of my ancestors tracing through the children, to greet me, to meet me, to wake me up. Peace.

Shila Iris 1.8.17

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  1. It’s important for a woman to continue her bloodline through her offsprings. It is the legacy of the melanated conscious women to be the gateway or portal for the anscestoral souls who want to incarnate here on this physical plane to do the Divine Work in this new Age”The Age of Aquarius”.

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