“Let’s take, a long walk, around the park, after dark
Find a spot, for us to spark,
Conversation, verbal elation, stimulation
Share our situations, temptations, education, relaxations
Elevations, maybe we can talk about Surah 31:18”

                                                                                 -Jill Scott

Surah 31:18

“Do not treat men with scorn, nor walk proudly on the earth: God does not love the arrogant and the vainglorious. Rather let your stride be modest and your voice low: the most hideous of voices is braying of the ass.”


Today’s Kwanzaa theme is UMOJA, otherwise known as Unity. When I think of unifying, I imagine traveling in harmony with someone, or with people who respect me, uplift, and are honest with me. Unifying takes a lot of courage. It is more than holding someone’s hand, it is empowering them and accepting them for who they are. It is respecting the space and the boundaries of others. It is listening with an open heart. It is acknowledging that everyone is human and that we all make mistakes:

“Your background, it ain’t squeaky clean (shit)
Sometimes we all got to swim upstream
You ain’t no saint, we all are sinners
But you put your good foot down, and make your soul a winner,

I respect that, man you’re so phat
And you’re all that, plus SUPREME
Then you’re humble, man I’m numb
Yo’ feeling, I can feel everything that you bring”

                                                                -Jill Scott

Today, my Umoja GIFT to you: Who Is Jill Scott? Words and Sounds Vol. 1


Who Is Jill Scott? Words and Sounds, Vol. 1

Nearly 15 years ago, Jill Scott released this very impressive album, which quickly floated towards the top of the charts, swiftly garnering mass public respect and a positive critical response selling 2 million copies. In its entirety, the album is a beautiful and emotional experience of love. The lyrics are erotic, exotic, and express her deepest feelings. She is remarkably honest and raw, singing and reciting poetry straight from the heart, no chaser. Words and Sounds Vol. 1 is crammed with playful love and sincere desire.

As a gift, let us be reminded of the concept of UNITY. Unity starts inside of you. It is important to be ONE with who you are, then, you can spread that love! Let us UNIFY in TRUTH. Let us not be afraid to tell each other how we really feel. Let us always find power in admitting our mistakes, because to hide behind them is death. Let us not throw away our love in the misunderstandings of a weak heart:

Surah 31:16 – “My son, God will bring all things to light, be they small as a grain of mustard seed, be they hidden inside a rock or in the heavens or the earth. Gracious is God, the Universe, all-knowing.

With that said, I am glad that you are here!

“You’re here, I’m pleased
I really dig your company
Your style, your smile, your peace mentality
Lord, have mercy on me
I was blind, now I can see
What a KING’s supposed to be
Baby I feel Free, come on and go with me”

                                                        -Jill Scott


…and in the spirit of Unity, please remember that you can be a honorable woman or man, you just have to be pure and honest to form great relationships. Walk towards those who don’t hide from who they are; unify with those who want to hear the truth.

“…maybe we can talk about Revelation 3:17”

                                                       -Jill Scott

You say, ‘I am rich; I have acquired wealth and do not need a thing.’ But you do not realize that you are wretched, pitiful, poor, blind and naked.

Well, I’m headed out for my long walk, around the park, after dark! Peace and love.

Thank you for reading, baby. I love you too. 8:00 p.m. 12/26/14.

Queen OSiRis

Shila_Bobby Williams photo

P.S. Remember your roots. Foster good and pure relationships. Let a friend be a friend, let a lover be a lover. Don’t cross lines. Don’t lie.

Umoja principle instructs that each member of the family, and by extension, the community, is constituted by a web of interpersonal relationships. The health and possibilities of the family and community, therefore, is dependent upon the quality of relationship within the family and community.

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