Men That I Will Always Love… Musically :)

Seeing Usher on the cover of the November 2013 Men’s Health Magazine reminded me of the highs and lows of R&B music over the past decade or so. For me the music used to be all about the experiences of life and love, but now it has more of an egocentric nucleus with artists lashing out and praising themselves rather than the aforementioned. Call it evolution, but I call it disappointment! R&B was so pure, fun, mellow, groovy, enlightening, and worthwhile. I turn to the past to get stimulation…

Resurrecting the past is not always a good idea, but in 2013, it seems to be my only option when it comes to music. So, I turn to the men I loved in the 90s and early 2000s. I always get a kick out of these videos because they portray honest emotions, attitudes, and dress codes.


#1 Usher: You Don’t Have to Call  Usher has a lot of music that I like., but this is one of my favorites from him. Why? Because he was having so much fun in the video! He is constantly smiling (1:03, 2:03, 4:01, 4:40, 4:55) and he has some cool dance moves. I especially like when they are in the car and do the bounce! I also love the parking lot dance and the way the crew walked into the party! Hilarious and so cool. He had skates on his heels… oh my! I cannot get enough of this video. It always brings my mood up. Enjoy.

#2 Donell Jones: Where I Wanna Be  All I can say is that I get confused too sometimes Donell. We will work it out!

#3 Musiq Soulchild: HalfCrazy  You think that you are crazy? No, I am crazier Musiq! I love this song and I will always cherish your music because it helped me to understand a lot about emotions. Also, that kiss he delivered at 1:36! Whoo hoo! Makes me wanna…

#4 D’Angelo: Lady  I am waiting for the day when I can see a D’Angelo concert. You just don’t understand. And yes D’Angelo, I am your lady for life!

#5 Mos Def: Umi Says  Now known as Yasiin Bey, he is probably my mos fav lyricist of all time. Amazing at any thing he practices.

That’s it for now folks. These men… hmmmm

Kush Queendom

P.S. You might find this book to be valuable.

The Black Male Handbook: A Blueprint for Life