Style Ideas for Sistahs- Fall & Winter

My colorful life…

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Outfit Elements:

1. The Crown- Early stages of locs. I loved my hair this year. It took 3 months to lock. I washed it myself once a week. I did not twist it much because I liked the roots thick and I liked the new growth to show- I’ve always liked rugged locs.

2. Manicure- I like dark polishes but I have on OPI’s big apple red. It was leftover from a wedding I was in. I actually ended up loving it a whole it!

3. Make-up- not into, mascara, foundation, blushes, etc. However, I really like tinted lips so I often wear a light coat of lipstick. I like Iman’s brandy. Very nice.

4. Jewelry- Black wooden jewelry is my thing. Got the necklace from a dollar store years ago. Got the bracelet from a table at an African street fair for a few dollars.

5. Dress- bought this from an Indian gift shop years ago.

6. Sweater- TJMaxx

7. Leggings- Not sure.

8. Belt- Came with an outfit I got from JCP (sort of a cheap material, not my fav)

9. Shoes- DSW circa 2009

Queen Duafe for African Essence