Style Ideas for African American Women- 1st Day of Winter 2012-2013

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Outfit Elements:

1. The Crown- I’m wearing a hat from H&M. Since I have shorter hair, when I wear hats, I wrap a scarf underneath the hat to give the hat a heightened look.

2. Manicure- I like dark polishes. I have on China Glaze’s first mate color. It is a wonderful blue color. I am not a big fan of the quality of the polish. It chips easily. 1st and last time I’ll buy it!

3. Make-up- not into, mascara, foundation, blushes, etc. However, I really like tinted lips so I often wear a light coat of lipstick. I like Iman’s brandy. Very nice.

4. Jewelry- Black wooden jewelry is my thing. Got the necklace from a consignment store circa 2007 and have only worn it a few times. Just starting to get into into. The pink on the right side of the necklace matches the hot pink skirt perfectly! The rings I got from City Buddha for very cheap, like $1.95-2.98/ring. The bracelets are a treasure that I got from a friend from Guinea. He sells them at fairs, festivals, etc. They were about $25 for both. They are made from the tusks of an elephant. Actually, I think they can run up to $25 a piece or more in some places. They are worth it. Love them. My fav in the jewelry chest.

5. Skirt- Hot pink from Forever 21. $6.

6. Sweater- TJMaxx– Clearance price $10.

7. Stockings- Not sure (maybe from Target on sale?)

8. Shoes- Kohls. $24.

Queen Duafe for African Essence