This is some advertising I am doing for this great website www.warriorspulse.com. 

The creator is a native of Memphis, TN who is now residing in Cleveland, OH. He is an “acting” community activist, aspiring philanthropist, professional librarian specializing in community advocacy, digital archiving, and library management and collection management, a fun-loving and entertaining dad, a professional drummer of over 20 years currently jamming with Umojah Nation Reggae Band and a djembe player with Passport Project. He plays drums, djembe, and percussion for The Griot Project and is a writer and scholar always growing and always mentoring and advocating for the youth as well as men.

The symbols you see are african adinkra. These symbols are wonderful and if you would like to learn more about them, click above. This is a great book you can order if you really want to learn:

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The Adinkra Dictionary by W. Bruce Willis

In the ad, I am bowing down to the warrior. I believe in submitting to great men. It does not mean you become weak, it means you become stronger, knowing what your natural role as a woman is. It’s a level of respect that I strongly follow. I want my man to be strong. In the words of the late great Amy Winehouse:

“You should be stronger than me.”

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