African Essence

I love the warm ethnic look that people of African descent have.  I love the dark hues that shadow dark skins, I like the bold features that lie beneath beautiful grins.

I love the natural looks of the African people.  Although we have been remixed and infused with lightness, we still bring forth a look that is golden, thank God for this politeness.

I am not anti-Euro, but I believe that it is time to focus on ourselves in a positive light.  How are we communicating with each other and how are we loving ourselves as Black women and as Black men?  We have turned on one another due to the forced migration of the African people during the Middle Passage.  One might say that this was long ago and that Black people need to move on.  No, we need to acknowledge and then move on.  We still haven’t embraced our true selves.  This has lead to the hatred Black people have towards themselves.  We were stripped of our names, our language, and of our true African Identity.  We must rid ourselves of this hate for blood is thicker than water and we have truly bled together.

Humility is Key