For My Brothas

This is a space where I give thanks to my masculine companion:  “I am not free until you are free.” I desire you, and you desire me, it ain’t a mystery, we stay true. 

With a soft kiss to the neck, he awakens me, reminding me of his presence, niko hapa, upendo.”  As those words come off his lips I begin to forget the pain and the nightmares of a past that he has replaced with constant and lasting memories of bliss.  He is One who knows how to listen to a spirit that has been broken.  His Afrikan essence caresses my hardened, chrysalis heart.  It begins to crack, opening just a little at a time for him.  He offers his protection and opens my mouth with his hands and breathes life into me, while staring into my eyes.  I can taste his greens.  I can feel his evolving, pulsating heart beat.  He wraps his legs around me and delivers promises so true.  He sees me through the healing.  I believe him, because he is here with me.  He chose me.  He chooses me.  He is the gift of humanity drawn to me through my own manifestations.  I summoned him and he came.  There is no truth like the present.  The choice to see me, defines.  He knew it would take a while, but he’s patient.  The space he and I share, is sacred.  No one enters but us because he grew to comprehend this aQuarian.  He arrives with red and yellow soul flowers, and sits me in his lap.  Taking my hand, he paints for me, and teaches me how to revisit my talents, because through the rain, he wants me to feel again, so, I see color, and I feel him rising, as we create together.  I live in his lap.  That’s healing.  I want to run, I want to hide, but he comes for me, from behind he wraps his arms around me and hums prayers in my ears until I am calm.  He knows the process, so I can’t pretend. There, we spin in a fast vortex, living a cypher-lyfe, we chant.  We laugh, we dance free to a reggae beat, swing our hips to jazz, making kisses outlast, the last.  This life is sustaining.  I trust him with my dreams.  He lives inside and can handle my truth.  Us mariners, ask, how can we make our lives stronger?  We do it together.  Only me.  Only him.  Our team is Us.  Reciprocity is Our connection.  Peace and joy.

Brothers definitely come correct, or don’t come at all… don’t kill us, cause we really love you, and we don’t want to lose it like this. I definitely know how this feels.

Water.  Mentally- stimulating conversations, & passion-filled mornings, afternoons, & nights of discovery and intimacy. That, I vow…

For my other brothas who grew up around me, who stand next to me, and who are righteously and respectfully entering my life, my space – I am forever your friend truly, your sister.  So we too can share discussions and share light on the path back to our way…

He is my muse.  He complements the flavor of me.  We taste good together.  He provides, and for that, I am grateful.

This guy, I climb like a tree.
Each branch makes me sing differently.
Wisdom and power.  No drama.  No concubines.
No hiding.  No lies.  He is god.  And I am goddess.  No games.
Although we do play.  No secrets.  No disrespect.  Balance, courage, and peace.
This is his way.

Saw this on April 18, 2017 – Ignore the title of this video for a minute and focus on his thoughts.  It’s really quite amazing. Check it out.

… his heart beats steady for me. Father, brother, cousin, uncle, friend. Husband, can I see you again?


P.S. I love you.

Shila Iris, you can call me, Upendo



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