All I really want is to be free. Won’t you come be free with me?

When I write I pull from the Universe inside of me. I have felt every human emotion from love and joy    to fear and doubt    to pain and pleasure.  I have witnessed the seasons change, lived through icy cold lies, beautiful sunrises and smiles.  I have witnessed the joys of dealing with honest folk, and I have witnessed the validation of those who aren’t brave enough to stop pretending. i have lived on both sides of the spectrum, good and bad. i seek balance.  I have no interest in approval.  I’m just sharing. If you CLICK on the pictures, you can read the poem.

Peace and blessings manifest with every lesson learned.

Into the Blue

EveryONE beneath the Sun must find a Way

photo from jackielaryea blog

The Last Day in February: The Tears that Formed Lake Victoria

The Nile 2


I believe in love at first sight…


Neolithic Heart


Karmatic Life Explosions


I am Eclipsing


Lavender Fields

The difference between you and I is that I get what I want by telling the truth. You get what you want by lying.

Listen to the voice inside of you… Deep and Dope 1Deep and Dope 2Deep and Dope 3

Just want to share some poetry with you...

Just want to share some poetry with you…


RESUSby Shila Iris – If you wish to share, I am grateful. However, please obtain my permission. Peace and blessings.


4 thoughts on “iPoet

  1. As a close friend of yours that already knew this story I have to admit, I really did NOT know this complete story!! I’m not sure if it’s just because it’s been a while since it happened or maybe you left out some details when you shared it with me LoL! Whatever the case, I have to commend you for being in a place where you are able to share your very intimate and painful story. At this moment my heart is crying and rejoicing for you and it makes me very proud to know you personally. I love you for the mature woman you have become (I always thought you were more mature than most) and for admitting your wrongdoings, but more importantly for being able to seek forgiveness and learn from such a mistake by trying to live honestly and not allow yourself to repeat it. As humans we ALL are imperfect beings but sadly that same imperfection causes us to judge others for their wrongdoings and shortcomings. Although our race should focus more energy on loving one another we often choose to dismiss others and often times it is to make ourselves feel and/or look better. This is a truth that I have learned and understand that it will not change simply because it’s not right. Instead of allowing this frustration to torment and stunt growth, I believe that it is more cause for us to actively love others by overlooking their faults just as God has so graciously and mercifully done for us. I can only control my behavior but it has been proven that how one person behaves can and will positively or negatively affect another person. And to be quite honest it takes too much energy to be mean! Ain’t nobody got time for that!

    At the same time I am only one little person in this world trying to make a difference, but for you Queen I am one of MANY who love and appreciate you for the beautiful soul that you are and all the positiveness you emit. I know it was hurtful to witness someone respond negatively in your space but nevermind the naysayers. It’s just encouragement for you to continue your good deeds because apparently it’s still some people out there that need some lovin’!

    Before I sign off I do have one question for you and that is why you presume your online basher is a Christian? I admit I am offended by that because in this situation you are referencing a specific person but you characterize them with a term that describes a group of people that don’t necessarily exemplify the same negative behavior.


    • Hmmmm. You are right. I DO need to take more precaution when making generalizations about religion. I struggle with Christianity in particular because I was raised believing that I needed to be a Christian. Then I discovered that the people who hurt me most and the people who tore me down and criticized my struggle were religious. They would bash me over the head with the Bible, do horrid things, and then show up in church on Sunday. I haven’t exactly gotten over it yet. I went to Regent University which is a school whose punchline is “Christian Leadership to Change the World.” Going to Regent, I discovered that I was not a Christian. I was more spiritual than I ever was religious. The style that Regent uses to teach is wonderful because it helped to open my eyes to what I really was. The professors encouraged us to look inside first. Now you may think that Regent was not suppose to make me NOT want to be a Christian, but in fact it did. It may not have been the school so much as it was the professors. I just happened to have some really enlightening professors who did not seem at all religious. They were not trying to make you become what they were. They wanted us to be better! So here I am, with this entirely new over-standing of what it means to be close to God. … and I still struggle with my relationships with people who use Jesus as a crutch to manipulate minds and hide the truth. Jesus is mystical to me. He transcends earth, and people do not really ever embrace what he really was. … well some people. I am sorry I offended you. I will hold back until I find the answers that I am looking for. When I find them you will be the 1st to know!

      However, thank you for all the positive things you said. I thought you knew! Asante sana for paying attention to my heart and allowing me room to grow.
      P.S. Don’t be telling people you know me!, lol…


      • Thank you for re-evaluating your comment and I truly respect your views. I said that I knew you?? What I meant to say was that I had heard this story before LoL! Peace and blessings my sistah 😉


  2. Hello everyone. I am so sorry but it seems that I previously posted my non-edited version of this story. My editor went crazy on me. I love her! The edits were really just changes in the manner that I stated some things. In journalism, we want to remain as objective as possible. Starting on page 8, I sounded a bit angry. I used the word “coward” to speak directly to the person (he or she) that had written something negative on my blog. I posted my 1st response. However, we changed that after praying and getting advice from some elders. They encouraged me to tell the story, but reminded me to never speak directly to anyone because that is not the point. The point is to share my story in order to prevent other people from making this mistake. The changes that we made, were only on pages 8-10. Then I added another page because I really wanted to give some advice. Someone contacted me and asked me about the suicide part. I was uneasy because it is hard to admit that I had these feelings. I needed to expound on that part of the story. I also did not want it to ever sound like I was trying to validate my mistakes. I don’t ever want to do that! I also do not want to ever point my finger. I am just not concerned with blame. I take responsibility for my life and my actions and I teach that we have to move on in life and let love take over. The version of the story you see above is current.

    Peace & love,
    Queen Duafe

    OOOPs! Smile…



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