UP LATE: A king…

This is a depressingly masculine world.  Yet, I love men.

Enter me.  Only when you’re ready.

Peace and love,

Shila Iris

P.S. The name of the song is Weary … and maybe you’ll have to get high to comprehend it. Why?  Because anyone can “under” stand it.  Yet, can you feel it?  Can you let go of trying to correct her, and just accept her?  Can you walk in her shoes?  Can you NOT talk, and just hear her?  Can you stop trying to save her, and just hold her hand and let her divine nature find the way?   Do you recognize that you developed in a system that taught you to look down on her?  And, even when you can’t see it, sometimes you put yourself above her?  This hierarchy has been detrimental to the synthesis of the divine female and masculine flow of life. You are not her savior.  You are her creation.

Behold. I give birth.

I’m up late but yawning.  Goodnight.