Men and women are miniature universes…

… who reflect in their balanced relationship the larger universe.

It is important that we gain knowledge of who and what we are in order to be in a balanced partnership with another. You are the UNIVERSE. Study it. It is our nature to be together, not with many, that is a form of imbalance, but with a twin spirit. And by twin spirit, I mean the person who will compliment your existence. If you look at the concentric zodiac calendar, it can sometimes be the person completely opposite of you. What I’ve come to find is that often times, this person won’t be like you, behaviorally. Of course, you’ll share similarities, but they will be the other side of you, and together, you create a whole. We’ve been trained to be narcissists, looking for someone just like us when by Universal Law, that doesn’t measure. It isn’t so natural. With a twin spirit, you love them for not being you! You are enamored by their gifts, as they are yours. The two of you represent balance. Different sides of the same coin. It’s so beautiful to find peace in a union like this!

The G.U.N. = God, Universe, Nature = 1

Whatever the case may be with who you’re with, the important thing is for you to be at one with yourself, and then co-create, harmoniously, with one person at a time. It’s healthy to be able to connect with a person in a spiritual way whereas you’re not involving or running to many many people for validation. Let go of drama. In order to see this, you’ll have to be willing to be alone. If you’re already married, find a space to be in silence daily, for as long as it takes to connect with and love yourself.

Being by yourself allows you to hear the most important voice of all, yours, and in you, is God. Meditate. Embrace being in a state of solitude. It isn’t easy, but it is the most rewarding experience, for in this silence, you’ll hear the voice of God, and, you will hear and see yourself. Be quiet. Sit still. Listen.

So grateful for a Sunday afternoon, in the park, filled with butterfly kisses…

peace and joy!

Shila Iris

P.S. By being in solitude, I gained this uncompromising love for myself. It’s unconditional. And now, I reflect that love out into the world, in a reciprocating manner. I no longer feel confused and challenged by other people’s truths or realities. I embrace the All. I feel free! And I’m growing and changing the traumatic patterns in my DNA constantly. Must we all?