The Sacred YoUnion Retreat: Lessons of Emancipation & Love

…with Jalá-Rani Ji aka The Goddess Guru &
Rajah Laxshmi musically and affectionately known as LaToya Kent

The beginning of freedom is the realization that you have the power to attract the things you want in life. Start from within.

“What you seek is seeking you.”

The Year 2015 has been all about RE-discovering mYseLf. (Hi, I am Shila. It’s so nice to finally meet You!)  I have been searching, to the point of obsession, for ways to share myself with the world, without feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, and disappointed. I was looking for Maat– balance, understanding, peace, and happiness. So I looked into the mirror and started talking to God. I could see God in my eyes, and God was pleased that I had finally come for a visit. God spoke to me, and I listened. So, I arrived in a place, in a space, where I started to examine my nucleus, which is my heart, and from that place, I give, and I receive. I GIVE to you:

THE SACRED YoUnion RETREAT: I see my reflection in You, and I am pleased.
Loving You

Are you looking from within? The Sacred Union Final

So, in learning myself, I find gatherings like the Sacred YoUnion to be necessary, because they remind me of how powerful I am when I open my spirit.


Please be sure to register for the event. Here are a few guidelines:

  1. Note: Once you register for the event, You can retrieve the location/address.
  2. There is no admission fee, but it would be kind to donate money to the cause.
  3. There will be vendors on site, so bring CASH (as opposed to credit)
  4. Each person is liable for their own safety, so be cautious, it’s a farm!
  5. This is an outdoor event and their will be a portable bathroom on site.
  6. This event is open to children, men and women.
  7. Light refreshments will be served, but please bring additional food for you and your Family.
  8. Wear long pants to prevent bug bites, as well as bug repellent, and bring galoshes/boots for protection from mud. Bring comfortable shoes as well and a picnic style blanket and folding chairs for your comfort.
  9. And most importantly!!!! Bring Your positive energy and love!

Regardless of where you are on the spiritual path, if you’re in contact with any part of our materialistic world, you are bound to attract or experience both positive and negativity in some form. After all, opposites attract; like moths to a flame, the light is powerful enough to draw out darkness from within and from without. Whether it’s your own shadow issues that surface in interactions with others, or someone else’s bad vibes or resistance you encounter along the journey, accumulated negativity in your space can adversely affect your thoughts, emotions and even your health. As such, it’s essential to practice regular cleansing rituals to keep your physical and energetic space clean and intact.



… and take this opportunity to look inside of You

I am Kush Queendom (Kush means Black)

Peace and blessings


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