Why We African Headdress


Often referred to as headwraps or turbans, African and African-like head coverings have become quite the accessory in various dress codes. I believe that it is a beautiful addition to the wardrobe and in my closet, it is my most beloved adornment. I wear headwraps at least twice a week and have been doing so for quite some time. It is part of the many cultures that I celebrate, all indigenous to the continent we know as Africa. I encourage ladies to explore the headwrap, not just as a fashion statement, but as part of African-American identity. Like other headgear such as the niqab, hijab, kufi, kofia, kippah, non la, patka, shpitzel, tam, taqiya, or sombrero it has its purpose and is highly valued by those who wear it.

Why wear a headwrap?

#1 REASON – It’s simply beautiful.

#2 REASON – To represent the African Diaspora: it’s part of the culture we lost during the Middle Passage. We are redefining and regaining our physical identity via attire/garb.


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