She is the One

She is ageless,
75 and contagious
The most high,
I can see her in my dreams
Everything about her screams
timeless beauty,
loving me unconditionally to her last breath
Masterful with her words, self less
she is the strongest,
untouchable, but she touches
I am her.
I shine like the Sun when she comes.
I am going to walk across this room
and embrace her
Hold her in my arms
I need her heart,
so she gives it
she erases the pain of the past
She sees thru to the truth
can’t let her go,
she touched me
with the hands of a mother
The love of a true friend
A flower. For her.
She deserves the world.
Non-restricting lover
She is ageless,
41, the insanist
I can feel the wisdom,
but the youth is forever there
She knows how to have fun
I stare. At her.
When she speaks, I am knee deep in her mystery
She eats the vines and drinks the wine
goddess soul
moves like a sea serpent,
controlling the air above the waters
makes it rain and then dances
sees thru to the future
as she let’s go of the past
Aware of the matrix
her love lasts
She belongs to the sky’s,
the Most High
I’m in love
She is the One.
She is ageless.
Respect to the courageous,
mothers of me.
I am listening.

Thank you for reading.

My name is Shila. I like that name a lot. Thank you mother for naming me something real cool.

In this world I am learning that we must love ourselves more and more each day. Not in a narcissistic fashion, but in high esteem type of way, because we are taught to love the images of others, and cater to the needs of another, while neglecting ourselves. Gender roles can be confusing. I will let you be You, because I love you. Know that, I am Shila first. Respect.