SUN DAZE: Alice Coltrane & Robert Glasper

I’m sitting here, in the master bedroom, fighting my allergies with holy basil tea. Taking this journey to a higher place with Alice, and her spiritual muse Swami Satchidananda

Master Bedroom Night

In this space, I’m not ready to leave. I read, comparing my notes, opening my eyes and ears, I breath. I’m learning, I can feel my body coming alive. My mind, my heart, I’m turning…

Metu Neter

… into my elevated SELF. Leaving this realm for the next, herbs help me to relax. I transform into a panther, long, black, I’m swift, experiencing trials, I’m running the last mile, the last stretch, to get back. This love for life is intense. Won’t you journey with me?David Hilliard

Peace and love, let your blessings manifest adjacent to your righteousness.

OSiris RiSinG