Gray, Black & White

Last week I was massaging coconut oil into my scalp and noticed my first white hair! I was sort of surprised, but shortly after I began to embrace that one little white hair that although dead, seemed full of life. I wanted to do a public service announcement email to my friends, letting them know that Queen Shila Iris had gotten her first white hair. My computer started malfunctioning so I couldn’t send the email. However, I realized that I love gray and white hair! I actually love lots of gray, black, and white things. Pictures, pets, hair, clothes, shoes- together, these colors are hot! I like that salt and pepper look. To me it is distinguished and attractive. Check it out.

1Gray, black, and white videography…

Check out the good reads…

Love, life with wisdom,

Shila Iris 


2 thoughts on “Gray, Black & White

  1. Very nice! Love the black and white mudcloth dresses. Enjoyed the book you suggested some time ago (Let Your Motto Be Resisance). Your hair is beautiful by the way.

    Say, wait a minute Queen, what’s your name?!?


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