Learning How to Wear Skinny Jeans Part 1

Ok, skinny’s aren’t my favorite, but somehow I bought 3 pairs for under $10 a piece. They have been sitting in my closet collecting dust, so I thought I’d give them another go… this is DAY 1: The black pair.

Overall, I like them a little. I definitely think you have to know your body type in order to wear them because like everything in life, everything ain’t for everybody. These jeans hug so if you wear them, KNOW your body!!!!!!

*I figured, I might as well not waste them. I think they look OK on me according to my shape. I’ve seen a few ladies who can honestly wear them and look great in them (I’ve only seen a few). I’ve worn this black pair in the past with high heel wedges and other sandals. I will not wear them with flats unless I cuff the bottom of the jean. The flats have to be a clean-looking light weight canvas shoe. None of those Tom’s shoes or baby doll flats. I do not like that look at all! It makes the feet look like boats! LOL. Well anywho… I’ll be back tomorrow with a 2nd look.

Peace and love,

The Kush Queen of African Essence



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