Spring Things for Queens: Fringe

Although I am dying on the allergy side, I still love Spring! I can barely go outside without breaking out in hives! I need an herbal remedy ya’ll! … any who…

This is my STYLE idea for the day. I love FRINGE! In fashion, fringe is defined as : An ornamental border of threads left loose or formed into tassels or twists, used to edge clothing or material. Like this…


or this…

I wear fringe a lot! It’s reminiscent of the 70s, but has been used for centuries in clothing, mostly in pre-American tribes especially those traveling from the motherlands.


THE STYLE: I got my red fringe boots online from UrbanOg. They are no longer offered. If you Google red fringe boots, you will be able to find them. They are not Minnetonka boots. I prefer to pay less. The quality is descent enough. The shirt is from Dillard’s. It was only $10 on sale by a brand named Angie. The skirt was maybe $8 at Forever21.

Peace and love,

Queen Duafe for African Essence

Looking for some conscious music? Do you like Bob Marley? I am not referring to the “Bob Marley bandwagon hoppers that wear t-shirts and ACT all down-to-earth!”  I mean do you really like Bob Marley’s music? It’s full of conscious messages about mankind. The song of the day: Who the Cap Fit… This music inspired the mood that I am in today. Let me know your thoughts.



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