Midwest Styles – Do You Remember Bell Bottoms?

I live in Midwestern United Sates where the weather changes day-to-day. Yesterday it was very nice out- sunny and warm. Today it is rainy and chilly! Here we go!

I think I’ll try bell bottoms today. Actually, many people are in to skinny pants, which are fine in some cases, but I am a flare-pant girl. I like my pants to fit on the top and flare at the bottom to compliment my shoes. Check it out. Click on the pictures to enlarge them. Haven’t quite decided on my shoes, but it will probably be the Aldo Fornili.

(Note: the photos may appear different depending on the browser speed you have)

I also like bell sleeve shirts and sweaters! They are great. This is not the greatest pic (the rugs from my car in the background), but I got this bell sleeve sweater from JCPenny’s and underneath, I am actually wearing a bell sleeve tunic/dress that I got from venus.com.

Those stockings are really cool now that I think about it! Look below.

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(bell bottoms with mustard-colored shirt)

The shirt is made of viscose from Dillards, $17 on sale; The pants are from Forever21, I think they were $25 or cheaper; the Fornili shoe that I will wear is of course from Aldo, $95. Don’t spend that, though!

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