Africare Glycerin

Glycerin has totally transformed my skin in less than a week. I purchased a bottle last week and added it to my raw shea butter. Stirred it up just a bit and applied it to my very very (alligator scaly) dry skin. This week, no scales to be found! I had been having trouble for years with my skin, and this has definitely helped. I live in a city with more cold months than warm so my skin gets really dry very often making it where I have to exfoliate during cold seasons at least every other day. Even when I do this, I still have scales. This was a particularly dry winter for some reason. My skin was so dry, it was painful to lay in my Egyptian cotton sheets! How about that?

I would try to stretch the skin out with my fingers and then rub oils in this way, but it was too much work. I almost went back to lotion! I do not care for lotion because of the many many ingredients. I prefer not using any product that has too many ingredients. It seems poisonous (I’ve done research). So normally I just use shea butter and coconut, olive, castor, & jojoba oils mixed together (sort of expensive) but I like the natural feel of them. However, my skin was not taking anything until now.




It felt sort of thin and WET when I applied it by itself. When I mix it w/ shea, it feels less wet, and my skin is extremely smooth. My skin looks and feels wonderful. No visible cracking dryness. 


You should be able to get it at the drugstore. Maybe some hair & beauty stores, but I am not a fan of so-called “hair & beauty stores” because they are normally owned and operated by people who have no real interest in hair & beauty, only profit, and will sell you anything to make a dollar- so may I suggest the drugstore? At least there’s no facade or stereotypes.


Hopefully you have an Afrikan store in your city. If not, you can order it from the internet from


I am applying it once a day before bed or whenever I bathe (afterwards). I rub it on my body, excluding my face. However, the product that I use on my face is primarily composed of glycerin (it’s the #2 ingredient).