Chlorophyll is great! … and yes, I drink it from the bottle!



Chlorophyll is a green pigment found in almost all plants, algae, and cyanobacteria. It is an extremely important biomolecule, critical in photosynthesis, which allows plants to absorb energy from light.

Buy it from Whole Foods or most health food stores. It is a liquid with a naturally minty taste. Drink it twice a day. You can drink it right from the bottle or you can use a tablespoon to limit the spread of bacteria. The brand I use is pictured below. I purchased it at Whole Foods and it lasts about 2 months if you use it everyday.

Price: 13.00

Why do I love chlorophyll? I like it because it really gives me more energy. This is not an illusion. This summer, I am  adopting a junk free diet based on more natural foods with less ingredients. I don’t want to eat anything with more than 5 ingredients. When you go over this number, it gets harmful to the natural flow of the blood. It promotes disease and chemicals in the body. I read all food labels, being sure that I get those with ingredients that I can pronounce and with no sugars. This is my new theme. It is not easy. Adopting a diet that is majority green. Many non-meat eaters can have a tendency to eat french fries and pizza which can still be bad for you because of the excessive amounts of greases and fats. I want to steer clear of this type of diet as well.

Chlorophyll is miraculous. It has a lot of health benefits and I encourage you all to look them up. It contains numerous vitamins, is antioxidant and anti inflammatory, an antiseptic, and treats bad breath! This was the original reason for me buying it. I had a root canal that went bad (be sure to get a great dentist) only after one year. Bacteria began to accumulate  in the pockets of the tooth that were not sealed, causing a rancid odor to come from only that tooth. I was petrified. I went to the dentist twice and he kept telling me that the tooth was OK. Actually, I had two root canals. both done by the same dentists that only lasted a year before the crown came off one and the other has the odor. I stopped going to that dentist and decided to find someone else. Meanwhile, I am treating my own mouth. I brush and floss as necessary. I sometimes have to put alcohol on a swab and blot the area around the tooth to get rid of the odor. It works, but is a lot of work for a root canal that I paid nearly $1800 for. Multiply that times two and you have total disappointment.

The chlorophyll alleviates this odor. People tell me that they never could smell it, but I can. It’s better since I drink this everyday.

Two people talk about their green diets.


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