My favorite shoe…

I went and got these a while back, in the summer actually. They are just lovely.

I love this pair of shoes and think that it was a great decision for me to purchase them. It’s my 1st pair of really hot shoes that look sort of afrocentric to me. I love “ethnic” clothing. I don’t even feel right in some clothing because it has no ethnic or cultural detail. I appreciate kente and mud cloths. Very beautiful things that a girl like Shila must have. I bought these shoes because they reminded me of kente cloth.

Funny, whenever I wear these shoes, people asks if I made them. I wish! I wait until the weather lets up to wear them and I am sure I will be wearing them for many seasons to come. They are not in stores anymore. They are actually the most expensive pair of shoes I have. I don’t think I’ll ever go over this amount. I see a lot of companies are trying to imitate this shoe for much cheaper, but I am one who is very sensitive about my feet and I will opt out for the softer materials when I can…


 Bumper Zena-84 Striped Peep Toe Wedge Bootie

While I have gotten several pairs of really hot shoes from urbanog for super cheap, I know my limits. However, it is a great site and you should take advantage of the DEAL OF THE DAY. Normally these deals feature shoes for under $15. However, the shipping is $10 if you don’t spend $50 so get a few things if possible or the deal is not so much a deal.