Rituals & Mantras

Just trying to become strong, spiritually. Listening to the voices of my ancestors. They are so alive!

More to come…

Stop hosting pity parties, it prolongs the pain. Go through it, work through it, feel sad, and then move on.

Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you should apologize for being you, and that you are not good enough. Leave them in the dust. Get away from the people who will tear you down. Reaffirm you in your Quiet moments in the shower, in bed, alone.

Yes, I don;t give a fuck, and I’m not afraid of making major moves, being on my own, and bidding farewell to the task, events, obligations,a and relationships that kept me feeling stuck.

Don’t be afraid to tell your story. Tell it exactly how you need to tell it.  Homeless, hopeless, and broken… I want to be around real people, so I left…